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Why Choose Us

1 30-plus years working with FDOT
county officials, and local municipalities.

2 We offer a comprehensive service
from initial consultation to finished product.

3 We help resolve non-compliance suits.
You can trust us to solve detailed problems.


Our Mission


Since 1990 when the American Disabilities Act was written into law, many existing businesses and institutions as well as private residences have been plagued with issues of compliance. Most problems are with concrete handicap ramps, curbs, detectable warning strips and accessibility routes as well as interior accessibility issues. Robert Hanley and Marlin Martin, the two principals at Hanley-Martin Corporation, have a combined 30-plus years working with FDOT, county officials, and local municipalities addressing these issues. Together, we have been able to solve many detailed problems and resolve dozens of complaints and suits filed against owners for non-compliance.

We offer a comprehensive service from initial consultation to finished product.

The process in general:

  • Meet with clients to discuss the problems and suggest various solutions
  • Address the parties that have levied complaints and/or law-suits
  • Design a solution, draw plans and apply for permits and engineered drawings when necessary
  • Demo as necessary
  • Build out as required to meet ADA specifications.

Whether you are an owner, engineer, contractor or subcontractor, we can help you with design, demo and build-out with our highly qualified in-house technicians.

Hanley-Martin Corp. holds Florida state license CGC061115. (Marlin L. Martin ‚Äď qualifier)

We would be pleased to discuss your ADA Compliance issues at your convenience. A list of references is available upon request.

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