Concrete handicap ramps

Before we begin constructing the ramp, we will know the minimum regulations yours must follow. At minimum, a ramp must be 36 inches wide, have edge protection to prevent people from slipping or falling off, have landings at top and bottom that are as wide as the ramp and at least 60 inches long, must have handrails on both sides if the rise is greater than 6 inches or if length is longer than 72 inches, and also must have slip-resistant and stable surfaces, as well as cross-slopes with a rise of 1 unit for every 12 units of run maximum.


Concrete curbs

From repairs to installation of new or old curbs, sidewalks, aprons, and dumpster pad installations, ADA compliant work, Hanley-Martin Corp. service is fast and professional. If your business or subdivision is anywhere in Florida, our knowledgeable crews will handle your project from beginning to end.


Detectable warning strips

Hanley-Martin Corp. provides ADA-required detectable warning strips which are standardized surface features built in or applied to walking surfaces or other elements to warn visually impaired people of hazards on a circulation path.


Interior and exterior accessibility routes

We can help you adhere to ADA requirements by providing specific detectable warning requirements where an accessible route crosses a vehicular way (e.g., passenger loading zones, sidewalks, curb ramps).

Most Popular Services

  • Concrete handicap ramps
  • Concrete curbs
  • Detectable warning strips
  • Exterior accessibility routes
  • Interior accessibility routes

services overview

Since 1990 when the American Disabilities Act was written into law, many existing businesses and institutions as well as private residences have been plagued with issues of compliance. Most problems are with concrete handicap ramps, curbs, detectable warning strips and accessibility routes as well as interior accessibility issues.


Hanley-Martin Corp. will design a solution, draw plans, and apply for permits and engineered drawings when necessary.


Whether you are an owner, engineer, contractor or subcontractor, we can help you with design, demo and build-out with our highly qualified in-house technicians.


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